At El Corte Inglés we use cookies in order to improve the service we provide as well as improve your browsing experience. We wish to explain clearly and precisely the following: what cookies are, what they are used for, what types of cookies we use, what purpose they serve and how you can configure or, if you wish, disable them.


A cookie is a small removable data file that is stored by a user’s computer, tablet, smartphone or other device, and contains browsing information.
Overall, our users’ cookies help us provide a better website, by enabling us to monitor which pages are useful and which are not, and which ones could be improved.

Cookies are fundamental to the smooth operation of the internet. They offer a host of benefits when providing interactive services and improve the navigability and usability of our website. There is no way cookies could cause damage to your equipment. The reverse is true; they help identify and fix errors.



Our own cookies
These cookies are sent to your device by our own equipment or domains, from which we provide the requested service.

Third-party cookies
These cookies are sent to your device by a device or domain not managed by us, but by a partner organisation. Examples include cookies used by social networks or by external content such as Google Maps.


Session cookies
These temporary cookies remain in your browser’s cookies file only while you are visiting the website, meaning that cookies are not registered on your computer’s hard drive. We use the information these cookies provide us to study web traffic patterns. Over time, this allows us to improve browsing through better, easier-to-use content.

Persistent cookies
These are stored on your hard drive. Our website reads these each time you return to our website. A permanent website has a specific expiry date. The cookie will no longer work once that date has passed. We generally use these cookies for purchase and registration services.


Strictly Necessary
These are needed for browsing and for the smooth operation of our website. Their uses include enabling the monitoring of traffic and communicating data, access to restricted access areas, placing of orders, use of security features and storage of content for posting videos or sharing content over social networks.

Customisation cookies
These allow access to the service with a number of predefined features that depend on a set of criteria. These include language, browser type used to access the service, settings for the region from which you are accessing the service, etc.

Analysis cookies
These allow us to quantify the number of users and thus measure and perform a statistical analysis of how the users make use of the services provided. To do this, we analyse their browsing habits on our website with the aim of improving our offer of products and services. Likewise, we use analytical cookies to recognise the device and prevent fraud in specific transactions made with the Financiera El Corte Inglés charge card, as well as in any transaction financed by this entity.

Advertising cookies
These enable us to fully optimise management of any advertising spaces included on our website.

Behavioural advertising cookies
These store user behaviour observed on a continual basis. Cookies can tell us a lot about web browsing habits, which allows us to display advertising relevant to your browsing profile.


Below, you'll find the cookies used on our website and what they are used for.

List of cookies used by the domain

ASPSESSIONIDwww.elcorteingles.comStrictly NecessaryOwnYes
ASPSESSIONIDQQAS QQTRwww.elcorteingles.comStrictly NecessaryOwnYes
DYN_USER_CONFIR Mwww.elcorteingles.comStrictly NecessaryOwnYes
DYN_USER_IDwww.elcorteingles.comStrictly NecessaryOwnYes - www3.elcorteingles.comStrictly NecessaryOwnYes
ECISAwww.elcorteingles.comStrictly NecessaryOwnYes
FECISAwww.elcorteingles.comStrictly NecessaryOwnYes
JSESSIONIDwww.elcorteingles.comStrictly NecessaryOwnYes
FDIVCOMTAM6www.elcorteingles.comStrictly NecessaryOwnYes
PXWEBORIGENwww.elcorteingles.comStrictly NecessaryOwnYes
SITESERVERwww.elcorteingles.comStrictly NecessaryOwnYes
visitwww.elcorteingles.comStrictly NecessaryOwnYes
WEB%5FWEBORIGENwww.elcorteingles.comStrictly NecessaryOwnYes
cookiesPolicywww.elcorteingles.comStrictly NecessaryOwnYes
TestSess3www1.elcorteingles.comStrictly NecessaryOwnYes
CoreM_State.elcorteingles.comStrictly NecessaryOwnYes
CoreM_State_Content.elcorteingles.comStrictly NecessaryOwnYes
JSESSIONID_PROFIL Ewww.elcorteingles.comStrictly NecessaryOwnYes
Centrowww.elcorteingles.comStrictly NecessaryOwnYes
PD-H-SESSION-IDwww.elcorteingles.comStrictly NecessaryOwnYes
userPrefLanguagewww.elcorteingles.comStrictly NecessaryOwnYes
storeIdwww.elcorteingles.comStrictly NecessaryOwnYes
_gawww.elcorteingles.comStrictly NecessaryOwnNo
_gat_www.elcorteingles.comStrictly NecessaryOwnNo
piwww.elcorteingles.comStrictly NecessaryOwnYes
Sessionwww.elcorteingles.comStrictly NecessaryOwnYes
t3www.elcorteingles.comStrictly NecessaryOwnYes
BCSI-CS- 8ADD4B121602C7E7a.vimeocdn.comAnalyticsThird-partyYes
ORA_OTD_JROUTE.elcorteingles.comStrictly NecessaryOwnYes
OTD_CPD.elcorteingles.comStrictly NecessaryOwnYes
_dc_gtm_.elcorteingles.comStrictly NecessaryOwnYes
rr_rcs.elcorteingles.comStrictly NecessaryOwnYes
xPanwww.elcorteingles.comStrictly NecessaryOwnYes
tokenwww.elcorteingles.comStrictly NecessaryOwnYes
wishlistwww.elcorteingles.comStrictly NecessaryOwnYes
wishlist_idwww.elcorteingles.comStrictly NecessaryOwnYes
comparatorwww.elcorteingles.comStrictly NecessaryOwnYes
food_order_idwww.elcorteingles.comStrictly NecessaryOwnYes
order_idwww.elcorteingles.comStrictly NecessaryOwnYes
sourceClientwww.elcorteingles.comStrictly NecessaryOwnYes
webviewwww.elcorteingles.comStrictly NecessaryOwnYes
server_name_atgwww.elcorteingles.comStrictly NecessaryOwnYes
X-XSRFwww.elcorteingles.comStrictly NecessaryOwnYes
mergewww.elcorteingles.comStrictly NecessaryOwnYes
back_urlwww.elcorteingles.comStrictly NecessaryOwnYes
device_idwww.elcorteingles.comStrictly NecessaryOwnYes
_gid.elcorteingles.comStrictly NecessaryOwnYes
ADRUM.elcorteingles.comStrictly NecessaryOwnYes
TLTSID.elcorteingles.comStrictly NecessaryOwnYes
rsso-eci-geci.elcorteingles.comStrictly NecessaryOwnYes
COMMERCE_DC.elcorteingles.comStrictly NecessaryOwnYes
access_token.elcorteingles.comStrictly NecessaryOwnYes
access_contraint_token.elcorteingles.comStrictly NecessaryOwnYes
back_url.elcorteingles.comStrictly NecessaryOwnYes
locale.elcorteingles.comStrictly NecessaryOwnYes
food.sid.elcorteingles.comStrictly NecessaryOwnYes
checkout.sidwww.elcorteingles.comStrictly NecessaryOwnYes
change_order_url_cookie.elcorteingles.comStrictly NecessaryOwnYes
candidate_product.elcorteingles.comStrictly NecessaryOwnYes
back.elcorteingles.comStrictly NecessaryOwnYes
csc_url.elcorteingles.comStrictly NecessaryOwnYes
Commerce_id.elcorteingles.comStrictly NecessaryOwnYes
Commerce_server.elcorteingles.comStrictly NecessaryOwnYes
just_logged.elcorteingles.comStrictly NecessaryOwnYes
redirect.elcorteingles.comStrictly NecessaryOwnYes
oidc.elcorteingles.comStrictly NecessaryOwnYes
session_id.elcorteingles.comStrictly NecessaryOwnYes
CSOLICIT.elcorteingles.comStrictly NecessaryOwnYes
is_csc.elcorteingles.comStrictly NecessaryOwnYes
eciExpressCentreId.elcorteingles.comStrictly NecessaryOwnYes
pagcaptura.elcorteingles.comStrictly NecessaryOwnYes
token_param.elcorteingles.comStrictly NecessaryOwnYes
FECISA_T7.elcorteingles.comStrictly NecessaryThird-partyYes
sw_varwww.elcorteingles.comStrictly NecessaryThird-partyYes
sw_var_verwww.elcorteingles.comStrictly NecessaryThird-partyYes
inpsession_179_eswww.elcorteingles.comStrictly NecessaryThird-partyYes
inptime0_179_eswww.elcorteingles.comStrictly NecessaryThird-partyYes
inptime_179_eswww.elcorteingles.comStrictly NecessaryThird-partyYes
BVImplmain_sitewww.elcorteingles.comStrictly NecessaryThird-partyYes
ak_bmsc.elcorteingles.comStrictly NecessaryThird-partyYes
WCXSID.elcorteingles.comStrictly NecessaryThird-partyYes
bm_sv.elcorteingles.comStrictly NecessaryThird-partyYes
_gat_UA-42384899-20.elcorteingles.comStrictly NecessaryThird-partyYes
FCUENTAaccount.elcorteingles.comStrictly NecessaryThird-partyYes
checkaccount.elcorteingles.comStrictly NecessaryThird-partyYes
cookiesPolicyaccount.elcorteingles.comStrictly NecessaryThird-partyYes
localeaccount.elcorteingles.comStrictly NecessaryThird-partyYes
oidc.sidaccount.elcorteingles.comStrictly NecessaryThird-partyYes
opbsaccount.elcorteingles.comStrictly NecessaryThird-partyYes
remember_meaccount.elcorteingles.comStrictly NecessaryThird-partyYes
id_tokenaccount.elcorteingles.comStrictly NecessaryThird-partyYes
back_urlaccount.elcorteingles.comStrictly NecessaryThird-partyYes

List of third parties providing cookies services on the domain

ScorecardResearchAnalyticsTime spent browsing, website visited and information about actual browsing
AddThisAnalyticsWhen links are provided to third-party services that you find useful, you can place a cookie on your device to make the service easier to use. This cookie enables sharing of content via this website and email
GoogleAdvertisingDoubleclick is used for managing third-party cookies. These cookies are used for providing users with relevant products which may appeal to them. The advertising displayed to website users is served by a small selection of providers. These include Invitemedia,, MSN, Google Display and Unanimis
GoogleAnalyticsGoogle Analytics cookies. These generate an anonymous user ID, which is used for recording how many times a user visits a website.
It also records when the user first and last visited the website. Additionally, it calculates when a session ends, the user’s origin and the keywords. ion/analyticsjs/cookie-usage
Google AdWordsAdvertisingWe use Google AdWords cookies to suggest relevant products that may appeal to returning visitors to the website ion/analyticsjs/cookie-usage
YahooAdvertisingWe use Yahoo ads cookies to monitor advertising activity on the Yahoo network and to provide advertising tailored to the user
Microsoft / BingAdvertisingWe use Bing ads cookies to monitor advertising activity on the Bing network and to provide advertising tailored to the user
DigilantAdvertisingGoogle Analytics cookies. These generate an anonymous user ID that is used for recording the number of times a user visits a website. It also records when the user first and last visited the website. In addition, it calculates when a session ended, determines a user’s origin and saves keywords. ion/analyticsjs/cookie-usage
Visual Website OptimizerAnalyticsA/B Testing, Multivariate Testing, usability Testing. Heat maps, Conversion measurement.
VimeoAnalyticsThey store information regarding how to use Vimeo videos for making improvements and reporting on our productivity. We can use analytics cookies for testing new pages, as well as adverts to gauge users’ reactions.
YoutubeAnalyticsIn order to improve the experience, information is collected about the Youtube services you use, and how you view its videos.
Rich RelevanceAnalyticsThey allow information about user preferences to be saved. We use this to improve the quality of our services and to improve the experience via recommendations and tailored adverts.
IovationAnalyticsThis allows us to uniquely identify the device (PC, Telephone, etc.) and establish online indicators—which can even be geolocated—with the aim of offering El Corte Inglés customers sufficient guarantees in the purchase transactions they carry out with the Financiera El Corte Inglés Card, as well as in any operation financed by said entity, thus avoiding and detecting fraud when using the device. These cookies will only be installed upon selecting the Financiera El Corte Inglés Card as the payment method and in specific financed transactions.
FlixmediaAnalyticsCounting unique visitors on the retailer website and understanding and analysing shopper behaviour to improve shopper experience.
FlixmediaFunctionalContent testing for retailer websites.
FlixmediaStrictly NecessaryEnabling Flixmedia content to appear on the retailer website in the least possible time to load.
Load balancer cookies, which are used to stick visitors to a particular server behind the load balancer and enable content to appear in the least possible time to load.


Barilliance does not use 3rd party cookies.
None of the cookies store personally identifiable information.
The cookie information has no meaning outside of the Barilliance system.
When Barilliance collects personal data such as email address, the data is stored in the server linked to the user id stored in the cookie cbar_uid.

Situational cookies - will only be present if a client uses specific features of the service or if the client’s site has features that require those cookies for the basic functioning of the service.

cbar_pc_[number]Remember popup is closed (365 days)
cbar_bc_[number]Remember banner is closed (365 days)
cbar_coCoupon codes that were granted to the visitor (365 days)
Used for tracking the status of ajax carts (session only)
cbar_staticStore temporary settings (365 days)
cbar_rec_clkA temporary cookies for one pageview that is created after a click on recommendations

Fixed cookies - these cookies will be present in all user sessions.

cbar_uiduser id (365 days)
cbar_sessRemember banner is closed (365 days)
cbar_lvtVisitor last visit time (365 days)
cbar_sess_pvVisitor page views count (current session)

Special case - temporary personal info cookie.

cbar_em/ cbar_phThis cookie store the user email or phone number for a period of 10 minutes from the time of entry to support case where the email input box appears in pages prior to the the consent checkboxes.
Note: This cookie is not used in 99% of the sites. You can ignore it since we will ask your permission if we need to use it.


A HTTP cookie (usually just called a cookie) is a small amount of data sent from us to your web browser. Each time you visit us, your web browser sends us back this text.

How Webgains uses cookies

As a performance marketing network our job is to ensure that a website (called a publisher) that sends a customer to another website (called an advertiser) is rewarded for a successful referral. A publisher might be a voucher download site, a cashback reward site, a blog or any other website.

  • This reward process is enabled by using cookies which recognise if you were referred to an advertiser by one of our publishers. Our cookies contain no personally identifiable information.
  • A large part of the reason why so much is “free” on the internet is because websites can make money through advertising rather than charging you. Being rewarded for referrals is one of the great advances that internet commerce has enabled and we believe is far preferable to forcing people to pay for services.
  • However, we fully respect your choice as an individual, if you prefer not to enjoy these benefits, we do not want to intrude on your privacy and provide full information on how to delete our cookies.
  • As well as using cookies for reward purposes, our web site also uses cookies to remember your preferences, for example, your preferred language (full details below).

Cookies set by Webgains

Here is a list of all the cookies Webgains sets along with their purpose

wgsiteUsed to decide whether to direct you to our USA or UK site, saving you having to make the choice every time you visit webgains.comEither ‘UK’ or ‘USA’12 Months
usertypeUsed to decide if you are logging in to our system as an advertiser or a publisher so that we can get you to the right placeEither ‘affiliateUser’ or ‘merchantUser’12 Months
qtrans_cookie_testUsed by our web site to determine if you have selected your preferred languageThe text qTranslate+Cookie+Test’When you close your browserSee reference for further information
wordpress*Our public website uses the popular wordpress blog system. This uses cookies to store information about your session if you are logged in. It stores no personal information.A value for your your session ID number2 weeksSee reference for further information
wp-settingsOur public website uses the popular wordpress blog system. This cookie stores information about your settings so that you don’t have to tell us each time you visit us. It stores no personal information.See reference for further information

_utmaWe use google analytics to record activity on our website so that we can improve the user experience and understand where our traffic comes from.Google analytics, for more information see reference.

_utmzWe use google analytics to record activity on our website so that we can improve the user experience and understand where our traffic comes from.Google analytics, for more information see reference.

Tracking cookies

wgsUsed to remember that you viewed or clicked on an ad during your current browser session
  • Web site #ID
  • Merchant site #ID
  • #ID of the ad you clicked on
  • Any reference the website appends to the click
  • The time you clicked
  • Where you clicked from
  • The page referer of where you clicked from
  • The url the click led to
  • Expiry time of the relationship between the web site and the merchant
When you close your browser
wgdcUsed to deduplicate clicks from the same sourceEither ‘affiliateUser’ or ‘merchantUser’When you close your browser
wgcUsed to remember that you clicked on a link in our network
  • Web site #ID
  • Merchant site #ID
  • #ID of the ad you clicked on
  • Any reference the website appends to the click
  • The time you clicked
  • Where you clicked from
  • The page referer of where you clicked from
  • The url the click led to
  • Expiry time of the relationship between the web site and the merchant
When you close your browser
wgiUsed to recognise that you viewed an advert on our network
  • Web site #ID
  • Merchant site #ID
  • #ID of the ad you clicked on
  • Any reference the website appends to the click
  • The time you clicked
  • Where you clicked from
  • The page referer of where you clicked from
  • The url the click led to
  • Expiry time of the relationship between the web site and the merchant
2 weeks
wgconsentIf the cookie is already present (consent was given in previous interaction), next time the user will not be seeing a landing page and will be redirected to the advertisers’ website automaticallyThe date/time the cookie was created (UNIX timestamp format)20 days after creation


A cookie is a small file of letters and numbers that we store on your browser or the hard drive of your computer. Cookies contain information that is transferred to your computer’s hard drive. Cookies work to make your experience browsing our sites as smooth as possible and they remember your preferences.

How Eshopworld uses cookies

Personal data, or personal information, means any information about an individual from which that person can be identified. It does not include data where the identity has been removed (anonymous data).

They collect, use, store and transfer different kinds of personal data about you which we have grouped together follows:

  • Recognising your preferred settings.
  • Giving you a browsing experience that is unique to you and to serve you content which we believe improves your site experience.
  • Analysing how you use our site which helps us to troubleshoot any problems and to monitor our own performance.

Cookies set by Eshopworld

Here is a list of all the cookies Eshopworld sets along with: cookie name, their purpose, what we use it for and what we store in it.


Necessary cookies help make a website usable by enabling basic functions like page navigation and access to secure areas of the website. The website cannot function properly without these cookies.

AI_buffercheckout-ui-gocas.test.eshopworld.netUsed in contect with the "AI_sentBuffer" in order to limit the number of data-server-update (Azure). This synergy also allows the website to detect any duplicate data-server-updates.SessionHTMLAllow users to be recognized within a website so any page changes or item or data selection shoppers do is remembered from page to page.
AI_sentBuffercheckout-ui-gocas.test.eshopworld.netUsed in contect with the "AI_buffer" in order to limit the number of data-server-update (Azure). This synergy also allows the website to detect any duplicate data-server-updates.SessionHTMLAllow users to be recognized within a website so any page changes or item or data selection shoppers do is remembered from page to page.
ai_sessioncheckout-ui-gocas.test.eshopworld.netPreserves users states across page requests.1 dayHTTPPreserves users states across page requests in case the shopper returns to the cart and wants to place an order later that day.
CookieConsentcheckout-ui-gocas.test.eshopworld.netStores the user´s cookie consent state for the current domain.1 yearHTTPWe want shoppers cookie preferences to be saved down for a year so they do not have to accept on each return session within that period.


Statistic cookies help website owners to understand how visitors interact with websites by collecting and reporting information anonymously.

Collects data on visitors. This information is used to assign visitors into segments, making website advertisement more efficient.

_hjidcheckout-ui-gocas.test.eshopworld.netSets a unique ID for the session. This allows the website to obtain data on visitor behaviour for statistical.PersistentHTMLAllows ESW to build up a quorum of data for analytics purposes over an annual period.
ai_usercheckout-ui-gocas.test.eshopworld.netUsed by Microsoft Application Insights software to collect statistical usage and telemetry information. The cookie stores a unique identifier to recognize users on returning visits over time.1 yearHTTPAllows ESW to build up a quorum of data for analytics purposes over an annual period.
Determines if the user's navigation should be registered in a certain statistical place holder.
SessionHTMLAllow users to be recognized within a website so any page changes or item or data selection you do is remembered from page to page.


You can allow, block or delete cookies installed on your system in the browser settings. If you do not allow cookies to be added to your browser, you might find that you are unable to access some services and that your user experience of our website is less than optimal. The following links tell you everything you need to know about setting and disabling cookies for different browsers:


At El Corte Inglés, we never save our users’ personal data except for their IP addresses, as stated above, unless you choose to register so you can shop for products and services that we sell, or receive details of promotions or content that may appeal to you.We assume that by visiting and browsing our website you agree to the use of the aforementioned cookies and the conditions in this Cookies Policy.

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